Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rice Fun!

Rice Fun!

We died rice with vinegar and food coloring. I placed the rice in a bag with vinegar and some food coloring. The kids shook the bags to mix it up. When we were done mixing we placed the rice in the sensory bin and let the kids play with it. We even did a project with the rice. The kids placed the rice on contact paper and created a fun sun catcher!

Changing the rice colors!

Sensory play time!

Our Rice Art!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dr. Seuss Week

Dr. Seuss Week!

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss' birthday. During that week we celebrated by 
reading his books and doing activities that related to Dr. Seuss.
 Our friends had so much fun!

Dr. Seuss Guess-A-Roo

This game is on the tablet and it has matching tiles to play with. All that we had to do was buy the tiles (I think I get this off Amazon...) and download the free app!

In the app there are 3 different games. We played 'Guess-A-Roo'. In this game the app will describe a tile and the kids have to guess what tile it described. 
Example: Blue square with Cat in the Hat
This game helped the kids learn their colors and shapes! They also got to learn about some of the characters! 

 To make it more appropriate for my class I offered them 3 tiles and they had to choose the right one from there. All of my friends did a great job with this!

After the picked a tile out I had them touch the screen and the curtain went p and showed them the correct tile! They loved touching the tablet!

My friend above is thinking about what tile to choose. In the next picture you can see him selecting his tile! 

Here is another friend thinking about what tile he should choose! 

Our friends love to play outside!

Her are some friends climbing on the cave! When one friend got up there they all had to try! 

Dr. Seuss Special Treat!

Since it was Dr. Seuss' birthday we had to make a special treat! 

We got strawberries and bananas and placed them on a skewer to make Cat in the Hat. 
This project was important for the children's fine motor skills and it gave us a healthy snack! 

Some of our friends really liked the eating part and went right for that!

Look at these friends! They managed to place the babanas (The bananas like to slip out of our hands) and the strawberries on the skewers!  

The bottom banana is Cat in the Hats face (I forgot to pick up marshmallows..) and the strawberries and bananas make the Cats hat!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish! 

With this activity I printed off fish and the kids were to place the fish in the bowl (Like pin the tail on the donkey). For the first round the kids would take their fish and just place it in the fish bowl. On the second round the kids would spin once and than place it in the bowl. Second round spin 3 times and place in the bow... ect. 

 Here is a friend spinning around and than placing the fish in the bowl! She loved this game!

 Mos of the fish managed to turn upside down... 

 Spin, Spin, Spin! 

       Spin, spin, spin...                                             Where to place this fish...                                             right here!!

Our friends loved this game so much that we left it up in the classroom and they would play with the fishes during free play! 

Our friends loved the Dr. Seuss song Mrs. Erica found!

(This is just a small clip of the song)

There's a wocket in my pocket Dr. Seuss!
There's a red fish and a blue fish in there too!
There's a Cat in the Hat and Grinch and Cindy Lou;
There's a wocket in my pocket Dr. Seuss!